IFCM Cyprus Limited is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commision (CYSEC) under the license number 147/11.

ICmetrica Service Sequence

  • Determination of the investment profile and individual preferences

  • Computerized calculation of your portfolio for your risk level and preferences

    • Tracking of positions and indicators

    • Consultation on balancing portfolio performance

    • Daily analytics

  • Familiarization and acceptance of the proposed advice

  • Direct integration with your brokerage account held at other financial institutions to implement the advice you have already accepted


Our advantages

ICmetrica is a fully automated Robo-Advisor

  • Various analyses tend to show that passive investments can offer investors lower fees than active fund management. There is greater transparency, and risk is mitigated.

  • Your portfolio is automated and matched to your risk profile after a short online assessment.

  • You have access to view your portfolio 24/7 from any device.

  • Once you have created a portfolio in ICmetrica, the service will continue to track it and, if deemed necessary, will recommend its rebalancing (i.e. changing the weight of the instruments in the portfolio to maintain the optimal risk/return level based on your investment profile).

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Individual portfolio

Based on the investment profiling, you will be assigned one of the following investment profiles:

  • Conservative
  • Moderately conservative
  • Balanced
  • Moderately aggressive
  • Aggressive

This will ensure that the instruments chosen for your portfolio are in line with your risk and achievement objectives.

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Stock market instruments

  • Instrument types are automatically revised to create the most suitable portfolio for your needs.
  • Types of instruments include: ETFs, blue chip stocks, Commodities/Precious Metals ETFs, Bond ETFs
  • The portfolio is well diversified to reduce the risk and optimize the profitability.
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Low costs and fees

Various analyses tend to show that passive investments can offer investors lower fees than active fund management. There is greater transparency, and investing is as easy as never before.

Portfolio Creation

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Team of professionals

At ICmetrica, a team of certified financial experts using software created by highly qualified developers will help you choose the optimal and individual strategy for allocating your funds. Thereby, you will get as close as possible to your goals.

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Investment strategy

  • The weight of instruments in the portfolio is determined based on their projected volatility.
  • A 15-year history of the strategy's profitability, including the subprime mortgage crisis occurred between 2007 and 2010 and the covid 19 health crisis.
  • Defensive instrument types: ETFs, blue chip stocks, Commodities/Precious Metals ETFs, Bond ETFs
  • Fundamental diversification of assets.
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Portfolio building principles

  • The yield is higher than bank deposits, with limited risk.
  • Investment horizon: unlimited, but recommended from 1 year.
  • Instrument weights are recalculated quarterly in accordance with market analysis.
  • A recommended stop-loss level is communicated to the investor at the time the portfolio is offered for investment.
  • The principles of selection of tools:
    • Liquidity
    • Industry affiliation
    • High diversification
    • For bonds: yield, maturity
    • For shares: inclusion in world indices with low correlation with other instruments
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Allocation of instrument weights (Fractal analysis)

We have carried out a comparative analysis of various methods for constructing a portfolio and portfolio instruments: classical Markowitz portfolio theory, Black-Literman model, Trainor-Black model, fractal method, etc. The best risk-return ratio using fractal theory is shown.
To project prices in the near future, time series parameters are calculated, such as the fractality index, the size of its minimum coverage.
Based on the found values, conclusions are drawn about the current state of the time series. For example, the presence of a trend, its direction and the likelihood of a projected price in the near future.


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